BudaBoss Live TV Channel strategically positions itself to speak to the masses through simple, relatable and clear language while remaining attractive to the upper cadre of society through creative, educative, and well researched content that is thoroughly entertaining.

This has attracted various clients from government organizations such as Kenya Revenue Authority to private companies such as Honda Kenya, local companies such as Bookmark Africa to international companies such as Kwese-Iflix, and SME’s like The Siron Place.

All content produced is of broadcast quality in sound, picture and video. We produce and broadcast content in HD and broadcast standard audio. Our content can therefore be broadcasted not only on our social media channel, but also on mainstream media, both locally and internationally.

We not only have capacity to create content, but also film, edit and package the content ready for the market. We are therefore a one stop shop that caters for all our clients’ needs, namely; creative content development, high quality production, effective marketing and results oriented social media influencing.

Partnering with BudaBoss to advertise on BudaBoss Live is a journey that begins with a team of creatives conducting proper research of clients’ product, brief, and target market needs, then develops into brainstorming sessions with cross referencing of competitors and relevant case studies, which lead to creatively crafted stories, messaging and content that is unique, entertaining, highly communicative, relevant and relatable: content that resonates with our target audience, with an icing of social media influencing.

To engage us and enjoy our pocket friendly yet highly creative and effective content, feel free to get in touch with us